What is Reupholstery

What is Reupholstery

Reupholstery is when you strip down an antique chair or sofa down to its wooden frame and replace everything with new springs and materials. So you end up with a chair or sofa that is in pristine condition.

This is an excellent way of prolonging the life of your favourite chair or sofa. So it continues to give you many years of service. In fact, your furniture can last several generations by using reupholstery.

So what’s the best reupholstery method?

Well, if you have the budget then you can have a professional upholsterer do your reupholstery. They will have all the tools and experience to do a first class reupholstery job for you. It’s matter of you finding a good upholsterer who can take your furniture away and return it in the finished condition.

How much will you have to pay for reupholstery?

This will vary on the cost of the new material you’re going to be using and the labor charges of the upholsterer. As a general guide a chair will cost you around $700 to be reupholstered. And a sofa will cost you around $1,500. Again these are general figures. And you should take time to research for yourself. One thing you should do is ask the upholsterer to see some samples of work. Or ask for some references. This way you can check up on the quality of craftsmanship.

However you can consider doing the upholstery yourself.

What’s involved in reupholstery?

Well, you’re going to know what to do. You could go to evening classes and learn reupholstery skills yourself. This is a great way of getting hands on experience and meeting others who have the same interests as you. You could even take your chair along that you want to upholster and work on it during the classes.

One drawback is you’re going to need to allocate time to attend your classes. This could be a week night or time at the weekend. This isn’t so good if you lead a very busy life.

What about doing the reupholstery yourself?

Sure you can do the reupholstery yourself. You can learn from a book or DVD. And you can discover the techniques and what you need to do at your own pace. You won’t have to set aside a few hours every week for several months. You can dip in and out of your reupholstery task as you go along.

What tools would you need if you do the reupholstery yourself?

You’d need some special tools. These won’t cost more than $20. And once you’ve got the tools, you’ve obviously got them for life. Try specialist online shops or even look on eBay. It’s amazing what bargains you can find.

The other things you’ll need are new springs and tieing cord. Plus special tacks. Again these are all available online. And will not cost you a small fortune.

To sum up, mastering reupholstery is a great skill and will give you many hours of enjoyment and satisfaction of making your antique furniture look like new.

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