What is furniture reupholstery

What is furniture reupholstery

Furniture reupholstery means you restore furniture back to its original ways, whether this is reupholstering seats, redoing springs, replacing the webbing, fabric or reupholstering your whole piece of furniture.

Furniture reupholstery is used for domestic furniture such as: dining room chairs, chaise longue, chairs, sofas or anything that needs upholstering. Upholstery can also be used on automobiles, planes and boats.

A person who does upholstery is known as an upholsterer. Proper traditional upholstery uses methods and materials such as: coil springs, animal hair (this can be horse or cow), hessians and wadding. The piece of furniture will be then completely reupholstered by hand.

Furniture reupholstery is done all by hand the furniture piece is first completely stripped, then if any work needs to be done on the frame it’s done now. Then the piece of furniture is put back together again.

It’s also possible to have furniture reupholstery done on bespoke furniture – there are companies out there that can do this for you. They can make you an original and stylish piece of furniture to any design you want – you’ll get a piece of furniture that meets your exact requirements and that is completely upholstered to you specifications.

Two ways to do furniture reupholstery

There are 2 ways to do furniture reupholstery. You can either have an upholsterer do the job for you. This is an easy way to do it – you send your piece of furniture to an upholsterer wait a few weeks and when it comes back your furniture is totally reupholstered. This way can cost you thousands of dollars depending on the piece and size of the furniture you want to have upholstered.

Another way would be to do it yourself. A growing number of people are deciding to reupholster their own piece of furniture. The buying a furniture reupholstery program and start there project.

Many people choice this solution because it saves you a lot of money and the satisfaction of doing the project yourself. It’s a great way do to it if you have a nice piece of furniture, a family heirloom and you want it looking fresh and like new again.

Some furniture reupholstery services only needs the fabric replaced this can be done by a local upholsterer or again by yourself.

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