Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Simple Cleaning Solution:

Here are the some simple cleaning techniques you can use to keep your couch, chair or settee clean and remove stains:

Foamed-Up Detergent
Making the formula foamy by whisking it – is a brilliant way of getting the detergent mixed up - so that no part of the upholstery gets the foam too thickly. Dip a brush (with soft bristle) into the formula, scrub the upholstery, and then rinse using brush.

Equal amounts of water and liquid detergent (note to never use laundry detergent)Mix with a hand mixer until frothy. Scoop the froth onto a sponge, brush, or rag, and scrub into the stains. Don’t forget to rinse.

Vacuum and Softly Brush Weekly
Try and vacuum the cushions and backs of your couch, settee and chairs every week. Use a soft vacuum brush to remove any dirt.

Shampoo Cleaner
Mix with water and agitate. Dab onto a sponge or brush, and use on greasy stains.

Dab on stain, don’t rinse. Repeat until the stain is gone. (Always do a spot test.)

Removal of Stains From Furniture

Ink stains:

Carefully apply a little vinegar to the stain and not the surrounding wood with a small brush.

Repeat the process using a 10% sodium hypochlorite solution with a swab of cotton wool. The stain will gradually bleach so be prepared to stop before it goes too far. The stain will probably not be completely removed.

However when you’re satisfied rinse the area with cotton wool and water. When dry use a micro crystalline polish with some colour to restore to its normal colour.

Water Marks:

These can be removed depending on how deep the moisture has penetrated the wood.

Sometimes you’ll remove the mark simply by rubbing linseed oil around the mark with your fingers. The excess is then
Failing this heat four parts turpentine for 15 minutes. Then allow it to cool and add one part turpentine. Shake the mixture and apply to the stain. Again remove the excess and polish.

White Bloom:
Caused by moisture. Carefully remove the last layer of polish and bloom with white spirit. Allow to dry. Then re-polish.

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