Reupholstering of Antique Furniture

Reupholstering of Antique Furniture

Reupholstering is when you still love an old piece of furniture, maybe it’s an heirloom or just a beautiful piece of antique furniture that you have had for years and now needs an overall.

The older styled furniture all have one thing in common they were made using a better technique and often are made out of a stronger construction – this lends them to reupholstering.

Antique furniture has hourglass type springs, as these give a nice comfort when you sit. When you are reupholstering these springs need to be tied-in carefully as they need to stay in the right position.

Also with reupholstering you use padding and this is either horse hair and/or thick cotton felt. In modern day sofa or similar furniture they only use foam which doesn’t often look right after a short time and is one of the reasons that modern furniture has become so easy to throw away.

Even though reupholstering can be specialist skill, it is possible to learn how to reupholster your own furniture – you might need some time and a bit of patience. It’s important that when you start your reupholstering that you reupholster the furniture in a sympathetic style suitable to the piece of furniture you have.

If you have decided to let a qualified upholsterer do the reupholstering job for you, then ask to see some previous work they have upholstered. Because you’ll find that some upholsterers are out of their depth with some pieces of furniture. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can speak to previous customers to find out how happy they are with the job they did for them.

When you decide to start reupholstering take your time because if you rush it will become obvious as the seating area will become bumpy and start to sink.

When you are reupholstering you need to decide if you are going to use the dreaded but very useful staple gun or the proper traditional tacks.

Many upholsterers think that the staple gun can still be used in the traditional style of reupholstering, that’s because the staples are quick and easy to use. Also traditional tacks make a bigger hole in the wood frame than staples. Personally I would use the staple gun for the lining but use the traditional tacks to hold the main cover in place. The choice is yours though.

You really can start reupholstering your own furniture sympathetically so that it can stay as a family heirloom and even pass it down the next generation.

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