How to upholster your furniture

How to upholster your furniture

How to upholster – re-upholstering your furniture can be quite good fun. Even though the process can be tricky, with a bit of time and patience you can learn how to upholster.

Take your old piece of furniture whether it is an old sofa or coach, chair, chaise lounge, etc. You’ll find that most antique furniture you can reupholster. That’s because in the old days they used to make furniture to last. Modern day furniture isn’t made the same way and the majority of the sofa’s you will not be able to reupholster.

Before you start, take photos of the sofa or couch. This is as a guide so you know what the piece of furniture looked like before you start your work on it.

I also recommend taking photos as you are taking the sofa/coach apart. Take photos at various different stages as these can be very helpful and give you a guideline. Also take close-up photos of any area that looks like it could be difficult.

Even though a sofa/couch aren’t complex pieces of furniture, taking the photo helps as this type of project can take a while and you just forget how something fitted. The photos are to help memorise the project for referencing.

Now you can start taking the sofa/couch apart. It’s easiest to do it in order. Turn the sofa/coach upside down or turn it on its back. Take off the dust-cloth on the bottom and any other fabric that is around the bottom of the sofa.

Turn the sofa/coach back upright and now start to take off the fabric of the back, then the outside arms.

That care of the bits that could be re-used such as any horsehair, stuffing, springs. It’s advisable to wash the horse hair – to get it back to life. If you were lucky enough to get the old fabric off in one piece you could use that to cut out your new fabric.

Tip: Keep the old fabric cover until you have finished the sofa – just so that you can refer to it as and when needed.

If your sofa or coach has cushions then you will need to inspect theses to see if the filling will need to be replaced, if it does only use high quality foam as this will last for many years.

It’s best to use better and often more expensive material because other wise the sofa will start looking saggy and uncomfortable before it should and you will have to do it all again.

As you start to reupholster your sofa you can use your photographs as a guide to remember where everything goes – but I would also recommend using a how to upholster program to help you even further. Especially if you have never done anything like this before.

Start fastening the new interior material on the inside. Start first with the sofa seating area, then the inside arms, then the inside back. Make sure to always pull the material tight as you fasten it, or it will loosen over time.

Now you have to cover the sofa with your chosen material and fasten this with tacks or with a staple gun. Finish all the edging and now pride yourself on your achievements. And show it off to your friends and family.

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