Donate Furniture

Donate Furniture

Donating furniture is a great way of getting rid of old furniture you no longer want. It’s much better than burning or throwing away your old furniture. After all donating furniture which you no longer want or need means your furniture is going to be still be used.

So you could say donating furniture is a green option.

Then there’s the altruistic side of things: You’re helping someone less fortunate than yourself. Perhaps a poorer family. Or someone who is a first time house buyer. Wouldn’t you have liked some extra help when you were starting your first home? Or help someone as you were perhaps once helped? Of course you would, wouldn’t you?

But here’s the thing.

A lot of furniture could still be used for years (even generations) to come. I’m talking about old chairs, settees, chaise lounges. These types of furniture. You see many of these old – perhaps antique furniture – can be restored without a great deal of work. In fact all these chairs and settees need is re-upholstering. Do that, and in many cases, these pieces are like new.

You see upholstery isn’t particularly difficult.

Anyone can become good at upholstery. You don’t need any special skills. You don’t have to be particularly ‘handy’ with your hands or tools. You only need to be able to follow some simple instructions.

And if you’ve got an old chair or settee then you’re faced with a wonderful opportunity to re-upholster a piece. Even if you’ve never upholstered before.

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