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Getting Started – Affiliate Marketing Questions

What is an Affiliate Marketer?

An affiliate marketer is just a fancy way to say, “You recommend my e-book to whomever you like (friends, family, colleagues, customers, clients, newsletter subscribers, website visitors, bloggers, forum posters or Pay Per Click advertising like Google Adwords etc) and you get paid every time someone buys through you.” It’s quite simple – I pay you to help me sell my e-book!

Will I Really Make Money

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What Are The Best Methods For Promoting ?

  • Create a Website That has interesting articles about upholstery and get LOTS Of Qualified Traffic.
  • Write articles about upholstery or re-upholsterings and place them on article directories such as Ezine articles.
  • Make YouTube videos and have your affiliate link.
  • Use Google PPC, Bing PPC or Facebook PPC.
  • Create a Facebook Fan page.
  • Add your affiliate link to a newsletter.
  • Use my banners, graphics and images where appropriate.
  • Buy banner ads.
  • Send your affiliate link to friends.



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